About Me

A degree in graphic design fueled my passion for the field, with a particular interest in typography. I love to search for the “voice” of a typeface when making font choices, and recognize the impact of type on the page. Collecting examples of visual design from business cards and postcards, magazines and brochures, to clothing tags and packaging is a favorite pastime.

My design work has led me in many directions including identities and ad layout, signage and website creation, cards and books/proposals, to photo manipulation and retouching. In my relentless pursuit of quality design, I strive to maintain a strong concept, a practical solution and above all, a clear message.

My photographic work is rooted in psychology and philosophy and investigates such concepts as identity, place, relationships, the psyche, symbolism, memory, and dream analysis. I enjoy working in a variety of photographic mediums including traditional film and darkroom, historic and alternative processes, as well as a wide array of digital media and printing methods and I frequently explore the combination of traditional and digital techniques. Another passion I have is collecting old cameras, expired film, glass negatives, and vintage slides and using these old materials and equipment in new ways while exploring contemporary ideas.

As a creative, I have always felt that knowledge is like a good book; meant to be passed on, and teaching college-level design and photography has afforded me the opportunity to do so. My teaching experiences have become some of the most rewarding and being involved with young, creative minds has allowed me to learn and grow both as a designer and as an educator.