The Raven Series

Death hath had a thousand doors to let out life, I shall find one ... Philip Massinger
The Raven Series is a body of work that was inspired by both the above quotation and by Edgar Allen Poe’s famous poem The Raven. Intended as a visual metaphor, the work explores the cycle of life and death as well as the notion of rebirth. Conceptually through subject and formally through process, we aspire to reveal life in the lifeless and beauty in the unsightly, ordinary, and otherwise overlooked. These photo assemblages are an amalgamation of digital images, orthofilm, transparencies, Cyanotypes, Vandyke Brown prints, Salted Paper prints, toned prints, and image transfers. The collages are assembled digitally and printed on metallic Endura paper using the Chromira printing process.

K-LAB is a collaborative group that began in 2004 with an idea to create mixed media projects that explore the interface between traditional media and digital technology. Founding members, Krista Steinke and Kristine Kotsch, both professors of photography at Moravian College in Pennsylvania, combine traditional photography, digital media, installation, and video to create visual metaphors that examine the cycles of life and death, evolution, biotechnology, science, and internal vs. external space.