Subterranean Parade

This small series of images depicts the movement of people through a translucent barrier. These dark ghostly figures are at once familiar and foreign, real and surreal, yet out of reach and unaware of what is underneath. I am interested in the viewer’s experience as they watch this passing and the implied insignificance of their presence below. These images are intended as metaphors for the pressures we feel to be on top of things all the time. Life can create chaos and we can suddenly realize, when we look up, that time is exceeding us as we try to accomplish all we can in our daily lives. From our concrete responsibilities as family members, artists, teachers, coworkers, colleagues, parents, and citizens, to the intrinsic characters we play such as friends, mentors, role models, support systems and advisors, we can easily become overwhelmed. The feeling of being out of control or drowning is common to these images and our lives sometimes. Looking up from below while struggling to reach the surface or “keep afloat” is also familiar. The translucency of the barrier allows the viewer to “see the light” in a seemingly trapped space and the slight shifts in the seams, allow a glimmer of the real life above. Balancing my busy life with my art making is a constant challenge, and this work is my response to that challenge.